About Syn’kiv

Over the last ten years, Dmytro Firtash has been investing funds in development of his “small homeland”, Syn’kiv village in Zaleshchytsky disctrict of Ternopil region, where he was born and finished school. The enterpreneur often visits Syn’kiv where his mother lives. He holds meetings with countrymen and takes care of creating every comfort for life here.

Dmytro Firtash has been constantly doing reconstructions and building of many rural venues. There are roads maintained in perfect condition, gas pipelines have been laid to every rural house at the businessman’s cost. There has been complete reconstruction of the school carried out and several computer classes opened as well, and lines of high-speed Internet access have been brought to each home. New stadium has been erected next to the school, a rural council administration, modern hotel and restaurant have been built as well. A rural outpatient clinic is in the course of reconstruction.

There is considerable restoration work practically completed on the architectural monument Church of Translation of the Relics of St. Nicholas, in particular there has been restoration works carried out, painting refreshed, holy vessels purchased, a church dome erected, a bell tower built up. Now there are church services held for 1300 parishioners of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

New stage of Syn’kiv development has started with opening of the largest in the Western Ukraine greenhouse complex “DF Agro” (Syn’kiv). The initiator and investor of building of one of the most advanced greenhouse facilities was Dmytro Firtash, the Chairman of Board of Directors of company group Group DF. In the businessman’s home village they plan to grow 4 000 tons of tomatoes and 1500 tons of sweet pepper annually.

Dmytro Firtash remarked that this greenhouse complex would make up the background for revival of Syn’kiv village. “I was not pursuing the goal of developing an agricultural business, but considered a greenhouse complex as a way to support my native village. New working places have been created, and forthcoming budget revenues will offer new opportunities for infrastructure maintenance and further development”, explained the investor.

“This is my home land, where I was born, and I had a strong wish to help. I started construction of a school, a local club, a kindergarten, but then we faced the problem that there was no source of income in the village to pay gas and energy bills, to pay out salaries. Therefore we began to search for a business idea which would bring the village up. We decided in favor of greenhouses because Syn’kiv had been long known for growing tomatoes and cucumbers. Being under 17, I myself used to sell tomatoes with my Mother at the market”, told Dmytro Firtash.

According to Mr. Firtash, 360 villages have disappeared within Ukraine over the last twenty years. Rural regions may be revived by businesses that will create new enterprises, new working places. This is the key issue for the Federation of Employers. I do hope we’ll manage it”, concluded Mr. Firtash.

In district center Zaleshchiky, Dmytro Firtash has sponsored major reconstruction works at Zaleshchitskyy district hospital which serves about 50 thousand patients. Most of hospital buildings were constructed more than hundred years ago. There have been major repairs of 6 present buildings and construction of 4 new buildings carried out in this medical institution. The program of hospital modernization has also included budgets for purchase of new equipment and 9 new ambulance cars for emergency teams.